Animal Health Products and Expert Advice

Trained experienced staff can offer advice and dispense medication for both large and small animals.

Animal Health Advice From Our
Veterinary Pharmacy

We have been giving our local community animal health advice for almost forty years. Our veterinary pharmacy has been there for our clients through the many changes in regulation and practices in that time. We cater for both large and small animals, with expert advice on animal health issues and very competitive pricing. The latest addition to the veterinary pharmacy staff is Henry Healy, who completed his veterinary course last year.

Expert Advice

Choose Confidently

Henry Healy heads the veterinary section, and is available to advise on appropriate treatment of ailments in large or small animals.

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Animal Health Products and
Expert Advice Available

Our small animal range includes wormers, flea treatments and shampoos. We can also give advice on vaccination and minor ailments. Our large animal range includes wormers, lice treatments , mineral boluses with a very wide range of cattle and sheep vaccines

This is a short list of products from
our extensive range of veterinary medicines.

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  • Albex 10 %
  • Alamycin inj
  • Alamycin spray
  • Allsure boluses
  • Bovicox
  • Bayticol
  • Bovilis BVD
  • Bovilis IBR
  • Bovipast
  • Bovivac S
  • Boviseal
  • Blackleg vaccine
  • Bovaclox tubes
  • Cepravin tubes
  • Cat wormers
  • Clik Extra
  • Clik Pour-on
  • Clikzin
  • Closamectin Pour-ON
  • Cobalt B12
  • Colostrum
  • Covexin
  • Curazole
  • Cydectin
  • Dog wormers
  • Dectomax
  • Dycoxan
  • Embotape
  • Enzovax
  • Eprinex
  • Equest
  • Equvalan
  • Fasinex
  • Formaline
  • Heptavac p
  • Ivomec
  • Iverpraz
  • Lamlac
  • Leptovoid
  • Lectade
  • Levafas Diamond
  • Life aid
  • Moxidectin
  • Marking Sprays
  • Noroclox
  • Noromectin
  • Panacur
  • Rispoval IBR
  • Rispoval RS P13
  • Rotavac
  • Spectam
  • Spirovac
  • Summer dip
  • Synulox
  • Spot on
  • Terrexine
  • Toxovax
  • Tribovax 10
  • Trodax
  • Tribex 10 %
  • Tramazole
  • Vecoxan
  • Zanil