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Wart remover

The Wartner Verruca & Wart Removal Pen is based on the acid/liquid method. It effectively eliminates warts & verrucas in a short time period, whilst providing users with an innovative and easy to use applicator.

Suitable for children as of 4 years old
Immediate visible effect
Easy 10 second treatment
Pain free
Active ingredient: Trichloroacetic Acid

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The Wartner Verucca and Wart pen offers an effective solution for the treatment of warts and verrucas. The pen applicator contains a new highly concentrated wart & verruca removal gel based on the traditional acid method.  The gel promotes skin cell regeneration which causes the skin to peel.  As this occurs, the new healthy skin forms and the wart (or verruca) will shrink and disappear.

DO NOT use on any areas other than hands or feet ·
DO NOT use on sensitive skin, face or genitals
DO NOT use together with other wart treatments
DO NOT use on skin tags, moles, dark patches of skin, or for skin exfoliation, freckles, water warts (mollusca contagiosa), seborrhoeic keratosis (verruca seborrhoeica)
DO NOT use on children under the age of four years old
In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, if you are a diabetic or if you have other skin diseases, or if you have any doubts whether you have a wart, consult your doctor or pharmacist prior to use

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 150 × 85 × 30 mm



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